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Pulse8 is the only Healthcare Analytics and Technology Company delivering complete visibility into the efficacy of your Risk Adjustment and Quality Management programs.
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Our Suite of Products

Pulse8 seamlessly integrates our modular products to create the exact solution suite that best meets your organization’s needs.  Based on our innovative and powerful Illumin8 technology platform, Pulse8’s uniquely pragmatic solutions deliver unprecedented visibility into the efficacy of your risk adjustment, quality management, and provider engagement programs.  The Pulse8 Platform includes cutting-edge Analytics, Coding Technology, EDPS/RAPS, and EDGE Server Submissions Solutions.

For more information on each of Pulse8’s eight products and our Illumin8 platform, please click on the appropriate portal below:

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Risk Adjustment Analytics

Reveal8 optimizes your risk adjustment ROI by mining the hidden opportunities in your data and applying advanced predictive analytics in order to recommend the right intervention at the right time to maximize gap closure rates.

Financial Reporting

Whether running an ACA Commercial, Medicare Advantage, or Medicaid program, Calcul8 is the ultimate tool for enabling you to accurately project the RAF points, HCCs, or Condition Types needed to achieve budget and the intervention type, level, and timing with which to get there.

Quality Analytics

Qualit8 facilitates gap closure in Star Rating, QRS, and other quality measures using advanced analytics and predictive models to identify and prioritize the quality gaps most worthy of attention and to recommend the ideal intervention method and timeline for closing each.

Risk Mitigation

Valid8 analyzes conditions at risk of failing a data validation audit, whether or not they have been submitted to the EDGE server, CMS (EDPS/RAPS), or Medicaid (MEDS II), and strips away the “False Positives” that can expose a health plan during a RADV Audit for attributing risk factors that cannot be fully validated from the member’s medical records.

Provider Engagement

Collabor8 helps health plans and at-risk providers to engage physicians, advance quality initiatives, and deliver provider education, benchmarking, and member-specific alerts for gaps in Documentation, Coding, and Quality – all within a provider’s point-of-care workflow, via an intuitive self-service portal.

EMR Analytics & Integration

Integr8 utilizes advanced IT linkages to unite an ever-growing number of leading Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems in order to access their expansive data sets, embed advanced analytics into the provider’s workflow, and push alerts directly to the provider for gap closure in the clinical setting.

Coding Technology

Popul8 employs advanced Computer-Aided Coding technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to enable health plans to more efficiently and accurately find, document, and code those conditions for which their members were treated.

Submissions & Reconciliation

Reconcili8 is an integrated solution for EDPS/RAPS and/or EDGE Server Submissions that enables direct data entry, contains correction utilities, manages and prioritizes exceptions, and provides reconciliation dashboards – all to ensure complete and accurate data submissions.

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Every Number is a Life

We enable health plans and at-risk providers to achieve the greatest financial impact in the ACA Commercial, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid markets.  By combining advanced analytic methodologies with extensive health plan experience, Pulse8 has developed a suite of uniquely pragmatic solutions that are revolutionizing risk adjustment and quality.


‍Latest News

Pulse8 Returns to the 2019 RISE Nashville Summit

Pulse8, the ONLY healthcare analytics and technology company delivering complete visibility into the efficacy of Risk Adjustment, Quality Management, and Pharmacy programs, is excited to return as a platinum sponsor at the 2019 RISE Nashville Summit. Pulse8 will begin the Summit by hosting a Pre-Conference Workshop that pairs Pulse8’s industry experts with some notable health plan partners on Sunday, March 17th, from 1-4 pm CST.

Under Pressure: Pay to Play Increasing Drug Costs for Hospitals and Consumers

Pressure is building regarding the "Pay to Play" payments that are made to pharmacy management middlemen. These middlemen include Pharmacy Benefit Managers that receive rebates from drug manufacturers for preferred formulary placement and the exclusion of coverage of competing manufactures.

Pulse8 Presenting at the RISE Star Ratings Master Class

Pulse8’s Senior Director of Quality Products, Kari Hadley, alongside Mike Wilson, Medicare Analytic Consultant Senior of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, will present on “Boosting Stars Scores by Better Understanding How Measures are Interrelated” on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 2:15pm PT at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego, California.

Pulse8 Presenting at the Upcoming RISE Risk Adjustment Forum

This year’s forum will include Courtney Yeakel, Chief Product Officer at Pulse8, and Susan Waterman, Director of Risk Adjustment at Scott & White Health Plan. Together, they will present Analyzing Documentation Concerns for Future Payments on Monday November 12, 2018 at 4:15pm EST at the JW Marriott on Marco Island, Florida.

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