Pulse8 selected as Preferred Vendor by the Association for Community Affiliated Health Plans (ACAP) to offer Healthcare Analytics Solutions for its Safety Net Health Plans

Pulse8 is honored to have been selected to join ACAP’s Preferred Vendor Program as a Healthcare Analytics and Technology Company delivering complete visibility into the efficacy of Risk Adjustment and Quality Management programs for all risk-adjusted government programs.

Annapolis, MD — Pulse8 proudly announced today that it has been approved for admission into ACAP’s Preferred Vendor program.  “More than a marketing arrangement or trade show sponsorship, acceptance into this elite program requires an ACAP member plan to endorse the applicant’s honorability and reliability as their vendor,” explained Pulse8 Founder & CEO, John Criswell.  “We are very proud to have a long-standing ACAP member and active Pulse8 customer vouch for how diligently and conscientiously the Pulse8 team works on the customer’s behalf.”

Pulse8’s Illumin8™ platform is the foundation for an array of modular products that have been built specifically for each government program line of business.  Pulse8’s risk adjustment and quality management products are available in distinct variants for the Medicare Advantage, ACA Commercial, and Managed Medicaid markets, as each has unique financial modeling, quality rating metrics, and risk adjustment paradigms.  Pulse8 also has solutions to help manage Value-based Payments and NextGen ACO risk adjustment programs.

Pulse8’s Senior Director of Medicaid and Quality Product, Kari Hadley, believes that “Pulse8 is the ideal vendor for Safety Net Health Plans for a number of reasons.  First, our Risk Adjustment algorithms were engineered from the ground up for each specific Medicaid grouper, such as CDPS and CRG, and are routinely updated to ensure compliance with the latest models.  We didn’t just retrofit a Medicare model over to Medicaid.  Second, our Quality Analytics are rooted in HEDIS® measures and tailored to each State-specific measure set and ratings system.  Third, our hands-on Customer Engagement, Product, and Operations teams provide a level of all-in support services that are invaluable to smaller, Not-For-Profit plans.”

Pulse8’s founding mission was to reduce the administrative waste in the healthcare system.  Our piercingly accurate analytics drive the most efficient and pragmatic approach to gap closure initiatives.  This is especially beneficial for safety net health plans, who typically operate within razor-thin margins and lack large administrative budgets.  Pulse8 stands ready to assist ACAP member plans with executing on their noble missions of serving our country’s neediest populations and doing so within budget. 

About Pulse8: 

Pulse8 is the ONLY Healthcare Analytics and Technology Company delivering complete visibility into the efficacy of your Risk Adjustment and Quality Management programs.  We enable health plans and providers to achieve the greatest financial impact in the Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and ACA Commercial markets as well as with Value-Based Payment models for Medicare. Pulse8 has developed a suite of uniquely pragmatic solutions that are revolutionizing Risk Adjustment and Quality Management.  Our advanced analytic methodologies and flexible business intelligence tools offer real-time visibility into member behavior and provider performance.  Pulse8’s products are powered by our patent-pending Dynamic Intervention Planning to deliver the most cost-effective and appropriate interventions for closing gaps in documentation, coding, and quality.  For more company information or to schedule a demo, please contact Scott Filiault at (732) 570-9095 or scott.filiault@pulse8.com.  You can also visit us at http://www.Pulse8.com, and follow us on Twitter @Pulse8News

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