CFOs No Longer Rely on PBMs to Provide the Objective Pharmacy Reporting, Analytics, and Benchmarks Needed to Control Costs

Every single day, more and more CFOs are taking control of their pharmacy program’s financial and clinical reporting, analytics, and benchmarking. They understand that their PBM and pharmacy benefit consultants are not providing them the transparent and objective information they need to manage this critical part of their business.  Here is an in-depth look at the main reasons why CFOs have started to take the lead within their organizations to control pharmacy spend and why this is the right approach to achieve a more efficient and effective pharmacy benefit program.

Vertical integration has resulted in the top six PBMs, which incidentally control 95 percent of transactions, being owned by competing health insurance companies.

  • The downside: Your health plan competitor just achieved full pharmacy spend transparency and is working to cherry pick your best accounts.
  • The upside: They are aggressively competing on price to retain and gain new customers. They cannot afford to lose external customers of their PBM.
  • The solution: A source of objective analysis that will enable you to capture future opportunities.

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