Coding Technology

Leveraging advanced technologies to produce the most efficient and accurate solution for identifying, documenting, and coding your members’ conditions

Popul8 leverages Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Optical Character and Pattern Recognition technologies to abstract content from charts and convert it to XML schema for easy integration with the widest variety of systems.

Key features of the greatest productivity tool for your Coding Department:

  • Computer-Aided Coding (CAC) such as, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify, validate, and prepare for the fastest and most accurate submission
  • Big Data and advanced Search Algorithms to optimize coding workflow managing both structured and unstructured data
  • Intuitive interface with error-proofing and intelligent audit capability

Popul8 then parses and processes those XML schema with a 2-stage coding engine.  The 1st-Stage uses an ICD Parser to unearth every imaginable condition present in or strongly implied by the chart and physician notes.  The 2nd-Stage uses Natural Language Processing for heightened detection accuracy, while minimizing false-positive conditions.  The end result is a solution that is unmatched in its ability to identify, document, and code those conditions for which your members have been treated.

Popul8 was designed for Coders by Coders to enhance coding proficiency and efficiency.  Productivity gains of 40% are readily achievable because our intuitive navigation enables quick adoption, our Computer-Assisted Coding Engine pre-populates charts to give your staff an informed head start, and our “easy-flow” code entry screen collaborates with automatic chart queuing to produce an efficient workflow.  Multiple quality control and audit levels ensure clinical accuracy.

Popul8 was developed expressly for plans seeking a reliable coding solution that delivers productivity gains, steadfast clinical accuracy, and an audit-defensible end-product.  Our versatile system can be used across all lines of business and for all submission types (EDPS, RAPS, 837, and XML) and can be customized for multiple account guidelines and/or user group privileges.  Plus, it has nearly unlimited scalability, thanks to fully virtualized sub-systems.  Yet, for all its flexibility, Popul8 can be configured without taxing your IT staff.

No coding solution this technologically advanced is as user-friendly as Popul8.

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